Veil lifted


If you ever were interested in the genesis of the American far right, here’s an enlightening interview with the author, Nancy MacLean, of a book called Democracy in Chains. That foreboding title was of course well chosen: one of the not so unknown Koch brothers, an OG 4chan-style /pol/tard if you ever saw one, wants to accomplished precisely that: not democracy but capitalism is the method according to which his world must be ordered. Perhaps more precisely: a feudalism governed by capital, not bloodlines. But, naturally, bloodlines, because capital is something he thinks the owner must be able to exert total control over, which, without estate taxes, tends to dynastic feudalism it seems to me.

This is all very scary and something you wish wouldn’t exist, but unfortunately it does and if you want to know what the 11th richest person in the world uses his money for, you should definitely head on over to the interview.