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Particle Physics, Proton Therapy, Treatment verification.

C++, Python, Numpy, Dicom, Qt.

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I’m Brent Huisman. I like life, the universe and everything. The workings of our universe, our globe and its thin top layer with us humans in it: wow! Besides hiking, reading, cooking and bothering others, I like to spend time on computer hardware, writing software (in Python, C++, Java, even a few lines of Pascal). Of particular interest to me are free software and free access to information.

I’ve worked as a postdoc in radiotherapy, where I used Monte Carlo tools to estimate the in-vivo dose to every patient based on logged data, such as linac-logs and the CT of the day. Earlier, I earned a PhD in particle therapy, on the subject of prompt gammas for treatment verification. Here I developed and validated a variance reduction technique, which was implemented in Gate. I’ve got a master’s degree in particle physics, and within my thesis I worked on proton computed tomography.

I’ve been member of various boards and student organisations, and there I’ve learned what makes a good team, and what we united can accomplish. I’ve had trainings on leadership and coaching, and have had the opportunity to apply these skills in practice. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as treasurer, secretary of an event with the top strategy consultants of the world and co-organizing a symposium featuring a Nobel prize winner.

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