Star Wars Expanded Universe and Psychophysics

star wars, psychology

Two small items today: an article about the history of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and my word of the day: psychophysics: the quantitative investigation of the relationship between stimulus and response. Read Wikipedia, I’ve nothing to add.

Back to Star Wars: I have a little something to add. I devoured ’those books’ in my late teens, and I was always extremely happy to find new ones in my local library. The article shows my luck in discovering my interest in them at just the time: it turns out the 1990-2000’s was the time when those books were written (and translated to Dutch)! I know they were not all very good, but I’ve always cherished my copy (I decided to buy it) of the Thrawn trilogy. I never sought out a community around this hobby, so it’s my first time reading about it in this way, and as far as I’m concerned it was reading time well spent!