Segregatie in Netherland

society, segregation

Ha! Some proof for one of the first observations I did when I went to university: why doesn’t anyone know any non-students? My own high school friends all went to university, and this seemed to be true for nearly everyone else. I recall asking a (heterosexual male) friend, doing maths, how we could possibly get into contact with, for instance, policewomen, and break out our social circle a little. Nobody seemed interested in that idea, and nobody in my acquaintance circle has shown much interest in the observation since. It always seemed limiting to me. I’ve since married another national, lived abroad, so have some experience breaking through (I’ve been that immigrant, I observed the same in France). Now speaking with some former study mates, they seem very Dutch, and seem not to know anyone outside of largely the same circle as where they were 15 years ago, while I of course have been contaminated with all sorts of foreign habits, although still people I met through university and thus in the same ‘class’.