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About two weeks ago I came across, a list of Searx instances, an open source piece of software that aggregates results from various sources. When I last checked this out some years ago, finding such instances wasn’t easy, they were always slow and didn’t produce very good results. I’ve used Duckduckgo for some years now, but lately I’ve grown dissatisfied with the results and fallback to using Startpage and Google. To my surprise, the first engine on immediately gave me results I’ve been looking for! What is nice, is that if you visit the page with the TOR browser, you get onion-URLs for the engines if possible. Over the past few weeks I have not felt a need to re-search elsewhere, so I’m very satisfied with Searx!

A few days ago a hackernews comment pointed to a recent search engine comparison, and here a similar conclusion is reached: Searx is good now, even the best really. Excellent news for privacy fanatics!