Seamonkey and Kygo

music, seamonkey, browser, cookies

Today I discovered two things: Kygo, a Norwegian mixer/DJ/whatshamacallit, and this is really great stuff. Read this post while listening, and check some of his other stuff out after.

Secondly, Seamonkey is faster and smoother than Firefox, even the new Developer edition. On top of that it’s more compact in terms of disk space, and has more functionality (browser, html editor, mail client, irc client). A major drawback is that it has almost no plugins compared to Firefox. No Inspect Element either… My new beloved cookie-killer is however not required, because Seamonkey has cookie management built-in! Block by default, whitelist as you go. Adblock and Xmarks are present, so I’ll stick to it for a while.

P.S.: Flash free since this week too! Turns out nobody requires it anymore.