Photo storage

software, hosting, server

How does one share photos with loved ones without relying on Big Tech (i.e. sharing them on Facebook)? I have not yet cracked this nut, which is why I use Signal for the time being. Seeing as not everyone uses Signal, it’d be great if there was another option. Well, there are, and they require a machine to host stuff on, and since photo collections take up a lot of space, self-hosting does seem the best option, if it already wasn’t because of privacy.

A post on Hackernews presents a few leads, and I’ll characterize them to see how they stack up. Simplest seems to generate a static website from a somewhat organized directory of photos. This however still would require manual big-step maintenance, which I must confess is something I struggle with already; I have quite a backlog of photos to sort and tag. So, maybe I use a more complex tool, which then puts extra requirements on the hardware where I’m going to host all this. This is probably going to be one of the spare laptops I have lying about. I looked into hosting it on one of the spare phones I have lying about, and although Termux can easily allow it, I would need to use external storage (I have bad experiences with SD cards, as do we all I guess).

Long story short: here’s a terribly short list of options and considerations:

No clear winner. Home Gallery, PiGallery, Photoprism, Lychee, Photoview and LibrePhotos look good, but that’s not much of a shortlist. Nothing jumps out right now, and if I want to make it easy to share photos from a phone, auto-import outside of the app would need to be tested anyway.