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In october I had COVID-19 for about two weeks. It was the longest ‘fever’ I’ve ever had, but I didn’t have much more breathing issues than some occasional light wheezing. However, now that it’s been two months, I have to say: long COVID exists and it sucks bigtime. My condition has just had a massive hit: as if I came out of it 30 years older. 3 weeks after ‘recovery’ I went for a walk: the rest of the weekend I was in bed with fever, which abated about 24 hours later. Last weekend, a half day shopping (gotta get that carpet!), and I’m out again for the rest of the day. I’ve spoken to my doctor, and of course thinking about COVID in terms of influenza is wrong, pneumonia is a better analogy. And recovery from that takes 3 months, and for some COVID victims it takes 6. I’m crossing into month 3 now, and although a bit better, it’s very easy to overextend my ’energy’, you just don’t notice it until you suddenly realize you feel there’s no power left and/or you have a fever.

Long COVID is a thing and that thing sucks.