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I use Linux mostly, except for those pesky games that seemed to never really take up on Linux. I’ve been monitoring Steam Linux titles since the start, but as of earlier this year the count was still 80/250 titles on my Steam-account, with the best ones not in there. Of course I’ve been trying to buy games that do run on Linux, but you know, AAA titles man. But, suddenly, Proton!

Around Wine’s 1.0 version (2002-ish?), I switched to Linux full-time for about a half year, and got quite a few titles to work, with then bleeding edge Transgaming. Of course, that did not keep up and I got tired with the tweaking required, so I put Windows back on my main (fastest) machine until the 31st. Since Proton came out, and the good reports over the last half year, I made up my mind: 2019 is the year of Linux on my desktop (and only Linux). Just in time for the new year, the setup completed, and yesterday I started GTA V and. it. just. werks.

Fantastic work! Although I’m late to bury Windows, this time thing are looking much more rosey than 2002 for gaming. Naturally, all other tasks I already executed mostly in Linux, and I feel good about not having to care about making things work in Windows anymore.