Link dump

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I am too busy to write a proper post, but I’m going to post a few links about things took my attention over the past few days.

Firstly, Ubuntu 16.04 has been released, with Kubuntu images. Maybe I’ll install this weekend, but tonight I’ll install it on my brand new Raspberry Pi.

Slate mentions a great idea that I have had when I was about 7: why don’t we just wipe mosquitos off the face of the Earth?

I have been looking if tooling for writing documents and publishing as pdf (through Latex), HTML and epub/mobi have improved since I wrote my MSc-thesis. The answer is no. Writing that thesis in Sphinx proved more future-proof than I hoped: it still works! However, I fear the forked natbib-plugin may not be Python3-proof, but for the moment that’s not a show-stopper. Actually, there’s a nice new theme available, Alabaster, which I used to rerender the HTML-output. The main thing I want to change for my PhD-thesis, is to exclude sections such as abstract, preface and bibliography from the chapter-numbering, and other than a very nasty hack I have not found a good solution. Perhaps I’ll just tweak the Tex-output buy hand. Also, I think I’ll use Lulu to turn my manuscript into a book: just 13 euros for a bounded version.

Now for some Dutch news: De Correspondent writes about our lack of democracy in the judiciary branch, and how we might take a page from the Americans. Then, two articles on racism, feminism, equal rights, and how a certain trend within the movement is fighting racism or forbidden words, connecting a bit with the previous post on Stephen Fry.

Back to internaional news: Why smart people are better off with fewer friends, Panama was created for the specific purpose of tax evasion and something I have suspected for long: you can correlate road behaviour to trust in government and trust in general.

A la prochaine.