Gostatic and mvp.css

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My first PR ever was on the Gostatic static site generator. Although I liked the project, server side generation which at the time was really only common with Github Pages and Jekyll, so I stuck to that. Things have changed since 2013! I’ve been using Netlify for a few years now, and, it turns out, they support any static site generator, you can just chuck ’em in your repo! It’s kinda amazing they allow this, I can help but suspect this is a security risk. Fortunately for Netlify, I’m neither competent nor motivated enough to figure it out. Suffice to say that Go makes generating self-contained binaries very easy! Check out the sources here.

Another thing my dear reader will notice is the theme has changed. It’s (almost) spring after all, we’re all locked up at home and MVP.css is good stuff! I’ve used it for the Arbor website and it makes HTML and CSS simple and fun again!