Gevaarlijk gaaf

Deze Saoedies zijn echt helemaal gek geworden, maar het is wel ontzettend gaaf:Aardige observatie op reddit als reactie op dit bericht:

What breeds it is that they CAN. In your and my country there are a dozen reasons this would be impractical and dangerous, for example; lack of clear open roads free of surface imperfections, lack of traffic, lack of traffic police, youth with money, vehicles and time to waste. Then comes the cultural stuff, a society where the state has not fully instilled fear of the consequences of personal action, a closeness to a more physical lifestyle, freedoms for young males to act in testosterone fuelled antics. And so on. So a wealth of circumstance and cultural influences mean that young people here burn off their energy (and the soles of their shoes) this way, and in our countries they go a-mugging.

Misschien toch niet zo gestoord als ik als westerling meteen denk?