Zoho and Mailgun

zoho, email

Recently my mail setup has been running into trouble again. It appears that pcextreme.nl, my ex-mailhost, has seasonal delivery problems. From time to time mail send through it is classified as spam by other servers. The IP address is clean, but something must be triggering filters. Secondly, Outlook.com does filtering, outside of its Junk-UI. Somehow it was classifying forwarded mail (from my domain to my outlook.com address) as crap but without actually moving it to Junk, or bouncing, just not accepting delivery. The Mailgun logs were very helpful in this case, where in the meantime I had moved from pcextreme.nl. And, Mailgun supports DKIM unlike pcextreme.nl.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to combat tracking by the big guys (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) I wanted to move to Zoho as my mail client. Zoho can, unlike Zimbra, be configured (from the UI) to use external SMTP-servers, which I need for my own domain and university mail, and ActiveSync to sync contacts and calender with my phone. When I logged in this weekend, to my surprise the UI was revamped into something quite modern. A usable conversation view at last. Forwarding my mail to it does not result (for the time being) in undelivered mail, so I’ll keep it for the time being, hopefully for ever. One tiny hitch: it syncs only about a third of my contacts to my phone :/