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Visual Studio Code is a fantastic editor, and that is remarkable because it is built on Electron. The uptake and plugin eco-system is what makes even staunch Emacs-users switch allegiance, according to Hackernews threads. Stuff that even Sublime doesn’t have (and Kate certainly doesn’t), such as the fantastic todo-tree plugin, which does almost what I already did in a terminal (grep for TODO), but also show it in a pane and allow me to quickly navigate to the right line in the file: todo-tree. Oh so simple compared to for instance Eclipse’s builtin todo management…

Now, the dirty is that VSCode builds are no open source, but proprietary builds with loads to tracking and anayltics built-in. SAD! From the title of this post you probably feel what’s coming: VSCodium. Although you still must use the preferences to disable tracking, at least you are now using an open source community build. Linux and Mac builds only, but a friendly guy named Timothy D. Jewell provides Windows build for those that need it right here. Enjoy your freedom and great plugins!