Towards basic income

economy, basic income

I have two main sources for articles on this blog: Hackernews and de Correspondent. Today a follow-up of sorts to the previous article, an interview at the Correspondent with a long time (since the 1980s) advocate of basic income. What’s interesting is how we might move towards a basic income, just like in the previous post a move towards post scarcity economics was discussed. This philosopher agrees that the only way to discover if and how basic incomes work, is to conduct experiments. However, he sees some valid problems with any such experiment: they’re temporary and not a complete paradigm shift by their very nature. He argues that Bismarck did not implement the welfare state overnight either: he just started with giving older Germans a small monthly stipend. In fact, the Dutch National Scientific Council recommended such a small stipend for the entire population in the 1980s.

Seems like a good way to start.