Tex4HT 2 & WSL

code, latex, web, wsl

Slight update to my Tex4HT script, I decided the mark-up of bettermotherfuckingwebsite is sufficient, see /bsc.

I’m very enthousiastic about the new “Windows Subsystem for Linux” (WSL), i.e. Ubuntu in Windows. With the update of this week it has become available for general use so I just took it for a spin. Works pretty well, I managed to build my websites using tex4ht. I couldn’t install my SSH identity file unfortunately, and apparently files created under WSL and under Windows or not (yet) compatible. It’s being worked on, but until then your files aren’t safe if you use WSL, so I’ll switch back to CMDer until these bugs are sorted out.

Here a piece of history on the user agent string of your browser.