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I tried guys, I really did. This week I ported over all my code (simply running 2to3, it’s actually that simple), and found to my delight everything just werks. Numpy, Matplotlib, the works. However, I discovered that ROOTs Python bindings don’t work well at all, even though they claim to have experimental Python 3 support. Then, the two tools I use, initially written by other, were not trivial to port at all, so I decided that, as I though until this monday when my porting frenzy began, it’s just not worth the effort. I can’t recall ever running into a project that I wanted to fork/use that was Python 3, so I’m stuck with it anyway. However, I’ll keep my eye out for these Python 2 dependencies to drop, and I’ll make the move, again, in a jiffy. Python with 3.5 (<3.4 are shite, what were you thinking Guido…) is the first version that has things I want (recursive globbing!).