Oh Jekyll


This website is generated using Jekyll, a popular static site generator. What’s nice that it’s very well supported by services like Github Pages and Netlify, in the sense that you can generate the pages using their servers, and you just add your contect to a git repo and push to deploy.

Jekyll is a bit hairy in places though. It ships with a markdown plugin, kramdown, which contrary to the ‘official’ markdown syntax (which is famously not official) does not like inline html, a very useful feature in a static site generator, wouldn’t you say? Another half-baked thing in Jekyll is the includes functionality. Even though it’s an ancient ticket, the authors missed that you’d like to apply layouts to your includes as well. I’d like to use it for sections with similar meta-data and formatting, but nope, seems I have to write my own plugins for that.

Well, that said, how do you like the new look? Oh wait, this look isn’t new at all, is it?