Music on Android

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Music on Android, or mobile music rather. Since parting with my iPod, and Rio before that, I had been using a Windows Phone, which could browse music by genre. Then Android came around, and for years the hard part was (to me) to have a way to browse music by genre. VLC got this functionality at some point, and that works pretty well. So, demanding as I am, next on my list of features regained is playlist synchronization. In my Windows age, I could dumb these to m3u and sync with the iPod and I think they also worked in the winphone music browser. Since I switched entirely to Linux, I’ve been using Quodlibet. It does not have bulk-export, but I just discovered it has gained m3u export with relative paths, and these work well with VLC on Android.

In some thread on Hackernews Vanilla and Vinyl were recommended, so I tested them too. While they work well (media indexing terminates!), they don’t seem to pick up my m3u playlists. Since Quodlibet stores its internal playlists as xspf, I tried to see if the format lives up to the name (shareable playlists, where file path does not matter), but no, Vanilla and Vinyl don’t even seem to see them, and while VLC does, it does not seem successful in matching the playlist entries to tracks in its database.