Matrix clients 2

software, communication, matrix

Now that Gitter is Matrix-only, I have reason to revisit my overview slightly. I now have reason to log in to separate accounts; in addition to the account I have at, also through the Gitter homeserver using Github SSO. Turns out Cinny, my client of choice, does not support multiple accounts. Neither does Element! There are some clients that do, and I picked Fluffy. But then it turns out Fluffy does not allow for sign-ins using SSO… Neochat does, but it’s E2EE support is WIP. Those’re all the clients I checked out then. Other clients supporting multiple accounts and SSO, E2EE and Spaces are Hydrogen and Mirage. Hydrogen appears to be a new, lighter weight, but beta client by the Vector-IM folks (who also write Element), but isn’t packaged as a desktop app. Mirage, the only other client supporting these, says it is alpha quality. So, I guess I going to have to go live without a multi-account client for now.