Living Space

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I used to be a fervent builder of computers, until, one day, either computers became fast enough or I stopped playing games as my main way to spend time. Perhaps both. From that time on, I’ve significantly reduced the frequency at which I purchase new hardware. My current main machine is a laptop I bought in 2010, at which time it had nearly equal performance as the 2 year old desktop it was replacing. Meaanwhile I’ve satisfied my hardware hobby with repurposing old, cheap or unused devices. I’ve even managed to upgrade the laptop a bit (memory!), and even after its screen broke in 2012 I has functioned perfectly as my desktop.

The reason I am writing this, is that the underlying reason is, I think, that I manage to do more with less. Similarly, I’ve reduced the number of possessions that I have in general. No more CDs/DVDs, all my games are either on Steam or GOG, I read from my Kindle and when shoes, magazines, furniture is old I simply give or throw it away. Gradually I’m fitting myself into a smaller box, because it turns out one does actually require not much. Therefore I don’t really see the need to move to a larger appartment or even house. A better one perhaps, with balcony or newer. Even though the thought of more space is appealing, I don’t really have things to put into these extra rooms, and moreover, I don’t really want to have things to put in these extra rooms.

A blogpost by a guy who lives with both kids and parents on the same floorsize as I do now is therefore a great example. His post mentions some of the same stuff that I touch on above, and offers much more insights into how one can make that happen, and what the pros (and cons!) are.