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A week ago I obtained a new old laptop (Lenovo X121e). A nice little portable device; an excellent replacement for a tablet (they’re just not so useful).

In addition I purchased two Linux Games, Civilization 5 and Cities: Skylines, and I had obtained Company of Heroes 2 earlier, in anticipation of it’s Linux release (which is today). Here my findings: Civ5 run perfectly, even on the lowly specced X121e and the open source radeon driver. Skylines however renders at a frame per hour, and CoH2 appear not to support non-Nvidia hardware at all. I therefore ran the games on my beefy laptop with a modest Nvidia NVS 5200M and proprietary drivers. Not much changed surprisingly. CoH2 and Skylines do run, but between 10-20 fps, so just below the playable level. I managed to play one CoH2 game, which was bearable, but in Skylines the GUI lags as well, so it’s not really playable.

Pity. Although I’m requiring myself to restrict my purchases to Linux-compatible titles, it seems the ecosystem has some ways to go.