Kdevelop and digiKam

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There was a time I was no fan of prokrams with k’s in their names, but that time has passed. KDE5/Plasma have grown into a good looking and usable desktop environment and I’ve been using it through Kubuntu and KDE Neon for about half a year now. One major downside: there are occasional issues with multi-monitor support…

Two apps that I want to highlight are Kdevelop and digiKam. The former I’ve been using for a few months now, instead of Qtcreator and Sublime, and it’s been pretty good. It’s light but still a fully featured IDE. I can and do debug C++ applications with its graphical debugger, I keep my notes in it works well with my Python scripts too. Tiny downside: the Python debugger only works with Python 3 and not yet on Windows. Oh yeah, other than that it works well on Windows too! What’s more, the project provides AppImages for Linux (so no waiting required for your package maintainer to get with the times) and installers for Windows. For digiKam too! Haven’t done much with that one yet, but I am looking for a replacement for Picasa (it died in 2009), but it supports my tags and tag searching, and both Windows and Linux are first class supported.