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Oh my. I just can’t help myself, so I restyled the website the past few days. Well, I stole the design from here and with a few tweaks I’m using it now.

That’s not all that’s new however, also some sweet new tech. I’ve switched to Jekyll, a static site generator that comes for free at Github. Setting up Jekyll on your own machine requires Ruby and a few difficult to config packages (on Windows at least), so I thought using the Github Pages service was a good alternative. Since they don’t support custom plugins, it took some puzzling to port all my pages over. Naturally, I succeeded. And the nice bit is that you can see the source right here.

One more cool new tech on this site: It allows one to whitelist or blacklist pages to preload upon mouseover, so when you hover over this sites’ menubar, those pages will be preloaded and upon click show up more or less instantly. Seems to work pretty well. Noice.