IQ shredders

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And now, for something completely different. Have you ever considered modern urbanization leads to the supression of smart people? Singapore is the best or worst IQ shredder according to this article. IQ is converted into capital at the cost of reproduction, sensationalized as genetic incineration in the article. Wow. But, statistics show indeed lower reproduction rates for the higher educated or those living outside of dense population centers. I couldn’t find any research by the source and linked sources on the effect that many leave the city around the same time they reproduce. So perhaps not all is so bad.

I came across this strange article by way of a strange map at Strange Maps, that shows Amsterdam and Brussels are the only booming cities in Europe right now. Also, without source unfortunately, a colleague recently advocated the viewpoint that historically, cities did nothing but ‘incinerate people’: growth always came from immigration, not through natural birth rates.

Food for thought, citation needed.