Hud to feed

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A javascript-based Feeds page has returned! I was investigating a proxy script, and sorta got it running on App Engine, alongside Hud, but I could not convince app.yaml to allow (sans hud) to access the proxy. I rediscovered FeedEk, the script I had used before. It has changed to using Yahoos YQL, which turns out to be a powerful to access and incorpated data from all over the web onto your own website.

A few modifications later, and Feeds is back. Noice. One downside: it appears to choke on RockPaperShotguns feed, so I had to let that one go :/. I also discovered the are a few Bostons Big Picture feeds out there, of which only one has a nonmalformed feed. Apparantly Googles feed proxy did some cleaning up as well (and it still seems in operation, although the deprication warning is still there).

If YQL goes down, there’s one other service left to try: Superfeedr. Or just Hud ;).