Good old shared host


As you may know, I use to show the headlines of a few curated RSS feeds. This is an old, very old PHP script, which used to run way back when on shared hosting, as we all once did. Then became a javascript, using the Google Feeds API, then switched over to Yahoo’s feeds API, both of which closed and made me dust off the ol’ PHP script and make it run on Google’s app engine. That worked very fine but at the end of this month, they require you to register a payment method, even if you don’t exceed the free usage tier. Which I never do, I don’t think koppen ever exceeded a GB of traffic. So, since I want to run zero risk of paying for it, I decided to check out some good old shared hosting. Shared hosting that allows me to use the domain that is! First I set my hopes to, but in order to use a custom domain it requires you to use it’s DNS, which I don’t really want to move away from where I handle all my domain, Cloudflare. I’ve settled on, which even shows a little vignet on my page now! For now I’ll accept it, in exchange for some memories to a different internet-time, way back when we FTP’d our files onto some server, instead of configuring runners to compile our ‘webapp’ into ‘artifacts’ which are then served from a ‘cloud’.