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I am slowly working on a revamp of this website, and I hope to revamp the way I host too. Currently, this website lives on Github. I really don’t have any complaints about it: bandwidth and requests are nearly unlimited and it is generally fast. One tiny downsides is the lack of IPv6 support. For some other I use Google App Engine’s free tier. Its limits are more stringent (1GB/day hard limit) but it is very configurable: multiple domains per site (handy for shortcuts such as and supports IPv6! Of course, there are other options (Firebase hosting, Netlify, Surge, Gitlab Pages, but they require custom tools to upload (Firebase, Netlify, Surge), have spotty performance (Gitlab Pages, Surge?), don’t do IPv6 either (Surge, Netlify, Gitlab) or I simply do not get their C.I. infrastructure (the Jekyll example straight from their docs does not work for me). So, while these options are virtually unmetered (except for Firebase which gives you 10GB/month), they’re not an allround upgrade compared to Github. Firebase seems to cover most bullet points, but then has a lower monthly bandwidth allowance compared to GAE, which I already am familiar with. So I guess as soon as I get Hugo figured out, I’ll switch to trusty old GAE, even though a slashdotting would kill the site for the day.

Ah, I forgot, two good resources for finding such free tiers: