Food for thought

video, society, politics, economy

A brief exposé of what I grow increasingly aware of: how politics and especially media and what used to be called journalism are much ado about nothing. Well, not nothing. I don’t quite agree with the bleak undertone and occasionally suggestive imagery and music of the video, but I do see that what happens in my house of representatives, on my national television, most of what’s written in my homelands newspapers is fundamentally besides the point. I also do not think things are quite as orchestrated as suggested in the video, but I do think some people have gotten the hang of how to distract and confuse, and how to use this to siphon money. After all, that is considered good business sense by some. And apparently it is fundamental to how countries are run.

In any case, this video deserves your five minutes of undivided attention, and I hope, your continued consideration. I will.