Dutch Lessons

cycling, society, netherland

No, not Dutch language lessons, just some insight into the proper way to bike and why Dutch mothers are so happy. Hint: Dutch women work less than any other in Europe. I’m holding out for some emancipation on this point!

If my readership permits me some offhand thoughts on cycling: the perspective of the Londoner is well supported by my Lyonese perspective. Just to mention a few:

Now, I am not saying I am dying to get back to the motherland (I would almost say the opposite), but it is very difficult to cope with non-Netherland on this particular issue. The road is just so much more uncomfortable here, and not for any good reason. Not only as a cyclist: driving is similarly many times more rage and fear inducing compared to what I am used too. Apparently Britain is similarly underdeveloped. Now, I do see the network of bike lanes is enlarged every year here in Lyon, and the city magazine usually mentions some new milestone or target on the topic of cycling. However, it is clear, non-Netherland has a long way to go. It is hard to imagine matters were similarly uncivilized in Netherland up to the sixties. Thanks hippies!

Also, do note how I have not neglected my commitment for the correct(tm) name of the country.