Discipline Howto

discipline, advice

Some advice from an American Admiral on how to be live life. Naturally, some discipline is included, but interestingly, also a way to motivate yourself: start the day by completing a simple task. Smart. The full list:

  1. “Make your bed” - start your day off by accomplishing a small task. Little things in life matter and add up.
  2. “Find someone to help you paddle” - You can’t accomplish great things alone, you need friends and collegues.
  3. “Measure a person by size of heart” - Judge people by their deeds not ethnicity, etc.
  4. “Get over being a sugar cookie and move on” - Sometimes no matter how great you do things, they fail. Accept it, keep going.
  5. “Don’t be afraid of circuses” - in face of constant failure, learn from it each time, persevere, let it make you stronger.
  6. “Sometimes slide down the obstacle head first” - Don’t be afraid to take a risk in order to achieve greatness.
  7. “Don’t back down from sharks” - people/events will actively try to take you down, stand your ground, fight back.
  8. “Be your best in the darkest moment” - During the hardest/most critical times, you must be calm and composed to bring your peek performance.
  9. “Start singing when you’re up to your neck in mud” - Be a bearer of hope, persevere in it, there is power in hope.
  10. “Never ever ring the bell” - Never give up, never quit.