Dangerous Nostalgia

history, mh17, russia

Enough is being written about the MH17 disaster, but one article caught my eye this morning. A week late I decided to drop by Jelle Brandt Corstius; I liked his open view on Russia in his documentaries. One article he recommends is extremely enlightening, if true. It seals with the dynamics of the Russian army and ’elected’ leaders, and the apparent opportunity for some to live out military fantasies.

It seems one Igor Strelkov, a Russian military commander, one of the main ‘rebel’ commanders, has a colorful career in Russian military interventions. Chechnya, Serbia, and Transnistria have seen this man reenacting some classical Russian battles. The article speculates that the downing of MH17 may have been without Moscows knowledge. If the image of a ‘Wild East’ is true, it seems a plausible explanation.

It is now, however, an image that causes for any celebration, for Ukraine, the MH17s families, or Russians.