BTsync Encryption

server, internet, btsync

A small update to yesterdays BTsync post: the encrypted remote seemed to work, however something on my remote server seems to kill the BTsync process prematurely. Perhaps the cpu usage, perhaps the client itself. Seems that I’ll need to continue to use my own server, which is not really a problem other than a few euros per year on electricity.

For the record, using an encrypted remote works as follows:

  1. Take any valid key, and change the first 'A' to 'D', and reshare the folder with that key. This means that BTsync will calculate an encrypted hash-tree instead of a regular one. Use this key on any machine you want to share your unencrypted files with.
  2. Take the read-only key (which is longer than a normal), and truncate to normal length. Change the first 'E' to 'F' and use this new key on your encrypted, untrusted node.

That’s it!