website, design, code

A new domain, a new look, a new language; a new era. It has been in the planning for a while, but the remake of the website is finally here. Countless hours of tweaking, puzzling and trying to get that sweet short domain name have resulted in what you see now. The idea was to make the URL more memorable, easily pronouncable in multiple languages, switch the language to English for maximum reach, and to have a fresh restyle of the pages.

The archived Dutch posts will stay for historical purposes. I should really change the tags to English though, but that’s for another day. The CV page is currently just a PDF; I hope it can be something like this someday, but currently proper PDF output with PhantomJS prevent me from doing so. Lastly, the Lab page will get an update.

Anyhoo, it’s high time to shove this thing online. Brent out.