website, email

Major announcement: I am moving! No, not from house to house, which you might suspect given the frequency at which I’ve done so. This website is moving, from to Why? Well, in the quest for shorter vanity domains I last year discovered the availability of, which it being a simple surname.tld, enables me to give myself and family members their firstname@ email address and domain. The MAN truck manufacturer has the .man tld which would have been the obvious and ideal vanity domain, but they regrettably will not be opening the tld up to general registration, so I settled on .pl (not too many Huismannen there). I’ll be setting up a 301 in a month or two and then at the end of the year will cease to exist. Update my email address in your contact-list if you have it!

In other small news, I thought I’d check in with Keybase’s kbfs, and it’s still slow. Adding in 5GB of image data is taking about an hour it seems. Hang on, I just realize I moved my computer to the attic where due to the increased distance my wireless speeds have dropped… Hmm, maybe that is it. Hmm…

Another piece of good news, I discovered this week that at long last, last October Ubuntu finally updated the Thunderbird package to version 68. I was unzipping tarballs like a caveman because it seemed like it would never happen, but fortunately I don’t have to do that anymore!