Black hole paradoxes

physics, news

At Quanta Magazine there’s an article on black hole paradoxes: in very short the relationship between charge and mass radii, and how the study of those slowly but surely seem to be advancing black hole science in particular, but now perhaps also science in general. Charge and mass occur also outside of black holes after all.

I’ll not summarize here what I have understood, because that is probably rather little. Instead, I want to give a shout-out to Quanta Mag, which is producing fantastic posts such as on this subject, which is hard theoretical science, but presented in such a way even I can almost believe I know what is going on without seeing much of the math (which I would not understand). Great writing! Pretty much the only science reporting I read these days, reporting that is both in depth enough but still comprehensible. You will to take some time to sit down if you want to digest properly.