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A golden oldie.

After discovering today that BTSync’s .SyncIgnore doesn’t really work, I was reminded of the importance of a proper backup strategy. Exluding a folder is downloaded partially downloaded anyway, and when I remove it on the machine that ignores it, it is removed from other machines as well, or at least the files, not the directories…. I.e.: it’s a bug! Also, .SyncIgnore is called .sync/listignore or somesuch starting with version 1.4 of BTSync. Which I don’t run because of the horrible new GUI, that’s crashed after setting up a new system… Fortunately, running stock BTSync without any ignore-trickery has worked rock steady for half a year now, so I’m not complaining. And an offline backup every now and then helps as well.

I’ve been looking into using Windows’ shadow copies as a way of snapshotting my filesystems too, I hope more on that later.